Lin Kam Art Sound System Futures Programme

The Sound System Futures Programme is a pilot project initiated by Lin Kam Art to develop the next generation of British Association of Sound System BASS leads at Notting Hill Carnival. The brainchild of Linett Kamala, who was one of first girl DJs to perform at the event in the early 1980s, the programme will place an emphasis on leadership, skills and creativity. It’s aim is to inspire the next generation to be part of the future legacy and custodians of sound system culture at Notting Hill Carnival.

For two weeks in the lead up to Notting Hill Carnival up to seven young people will have the opportunity to explore different aspects of sound system culture and meet key figures. This will include: DJ performance, health and safety, risk assessment and sound technical fundamentals.

Each participant is assigned to a Notting Hill Carnival sound system and supported to either perform or take a supportive role in their allocated sound system over the course of the carnival weekend.

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