Examples of Lin Kam Art residencies, events and programmes:

Uplifting Langa Through Reachable Art Competition and Wellness Festival –  Cape Town, South Africa

Event included:

  • Street art competition with over 18 artists taking part covering the walls of Langa Stadium, Cape Town, S.A.
  • Artist-in-residence
  • Wellness calligraffiti workshops
  • Love Letter to Langa children’s creative workshop
  • Langa end of festival block party

London Design Festival – Brixton Design District, London

The day included:

  • A welcome from the curators of the Brixton Design Trail
  • Meetings with designers, craft makers and  architects from the Brixton Design District
  • Question and answer session with brand designer Carolyne Hill of Chill Create
  • Calligraffiti workshop with Lin Kam Art founder and artist Linett Kamala